Sunday, 27 September 2009


is quite likely to be the Chancellor again after today's elections - though she may still have to be in coalition with the SPD (our lot). Can you imagine such a coalition in the UK? Nor me. But it seems to work. I like Angie. She is the most powerful woman in the world, according to L'Express this week. Well, maybe. Probably. But that is not the point. Her quiet and phlegmatic approach seems to be what Germany wants. Her upbringing in the old East does her no harm either. Go for it Angie.


Anonymous said...

Agree. She is the tops.

Jonny said...

Hmm. In coalition with the FDP will she be held back from her CDU/CSU ideology as she has been?. Good to see the Links and Greens polling over 20%

Anonymous said...

Very sexist. 'Will she be held' etc.

Sory mate. She is in the driving seats and decides who SHE will 'hold' or not.