Monday, 28 September 2009

Kings Meadow Campaign

is something I have supported for a long time, effectively ever since I discovered in 1991 that the Labour Group (of which I was then a member) had been in secret talks, in the persons of Martin Salter and Tony Page, to reach an agreement to concrete over Kings Meadow in Reading. As part of this the then Labour council deliberately let the Kings Meadow Baths, a listed Edwardian building, fall into disrepair. I am only sorry that I didn't find out about this soon enough when I was a councillor in Reading - whenever I made enquiries about the baths I was fobbed off with various platitudes. Could do better. Anyway, His Master's Voice has deliberately misled the public (shurely not? Ed.) about the Askett Hawke proposal for "developing" the baths, which HMV says proposes a hotel on an island in the Thames rather than on the meadow. Kings Meadow Campaign, good for you for all the work you have done, in the face of abuse and threats from the Reading Labour boys.

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