Tuesday, 22 September 2009

drivers to blame!

well, in a hierarchy of road users they should be when something happens, unless it can be shown that they are not. So if a cyclist for example collides with a car the driver of the car is to blame unless he can show that he was not. This is how it is in France and in other countries - in Munich for Oktoberfest, which of course has just started as it is in September, they take it further - if a drunk person walks in front of a car it is the driver's fault, ha ha. Various UK commentators are getting their knickers in a twist about this, but a car is a lethal machine.

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Anonymous said...

"a car is a lethal machine"

indeed so, my father's first words when giving me first driving lesson. What other things that kill so many people, and causes so many deaths which are preventable are treated as lightly as a vehicle? But, say anything about it, and you are interfering in people's right to kill, er sorry, drive where they like.