Friday, 26 April 2013

woman on top

there's a new production of Othello in London which is getting rave reviews, see here. This is the Shakespeare tragedy I do not know, but I understand it involves tales of illicit rumpy-pumpy. Perhaps better informed readers could advise? Anyway, this production is set on a military base.  Illicit rumpy-pumpy on a military base? Now what does that call to mind? A military base in Kosovo some years ago, perhaps. The heroine of that particular hour, Ms Claire "bury me in a Y-shaped coffin" Ward, perchance? Then Labour MP for Watford, booted out later by the electorate, Ms "flick me with a towel" Ward is now being favoured by sundry union barons and other grandees as candidate for the constituency of Sherwood, my spies tell me. Will they never learn? Sherwood, hm. Robin Hood had a lot of merry men. Will Ms Ward follow suit?


Anonymous said...

It concerns a man in public life who hides deep insecurity behind bombast and pomposity. He surrounds himself with laddish flatterers, one of whom manipulates him for his own ends. The women in his life are merely pawns to enhance his status; when they cease to serve that purpose then they need to be got rid of.

Such an imagination that Shakespeare.

Mind you, the protagonist in the play has sufficient empathy for remorse.

Anonymous said...

Who has been on top of whom? I do not understand what this woman on top has been doing _ and is the woman Claire Ward? Please divulge. The post was odd. Quite minxy for you. Why?

Jane Griffiths said...

Well, you'd need to look at previous media coverage. The woman on top is not Claire Ward. That refers to the woman occupying the top bunk when Ms Ward was in the one underneath. An "unnamed MP" allegedly complained about Ward's antics on the military base - in fact I don't think anyone did. But you'd think, if you were going to engage in illicit rumpy-pumpy you wouldn't do it in a room where someone else was sleeping.