Tuesday, 2 April 2013

keep sport out of politics

Paulo di Canio (pic: BBC)
not much posting lately, as cry-baby bully-boy behaviour (TM Julie Burchill) locally does tend to have a chilling effect, despite best efforts. Be strong, girl. Anyway, this is the new Sunderland manager (Sunderland is a team I have a weakness for) Paulo di Canio, an Italian man who has made no secret of his support for fascist parties. Various Israel and other lobbyists have kicked off, yelling that he should be sacked, should never have been appointed in the first place, blah blah blah, polenta where's my Guardian? Oh hang on, the Guardianistas want the state of Israel destroyed and all Jews killed, so the coherence of that position is what exactly? Ah yes, this is not cosy Guardian land, but the world of football, where men are men and political sophistication is not required when managers' jobs are applied for. Anyway, di Canio's political views are what they are. There is no evidence that he has ever engaged in any illegal activity. It is also the case that there are political parties in almost all European countries which could be described as fascist. These are legally constituted parties. Supporting them is not illegal. Nor is it, nor should it ever be, a bar to employment in any field at all. I am not in fact sure that the British National Party in the UK, or the Front National in France, should really be described as fascist parties. They are both parties of the political left which hold racist views. I don't think that's quite the same thing. Whatever. Those of you who have kicked off on "my father fought the fascists in Italy", well, good for him. I'm glad he did. He fought them so that people could be employed when their political views are not those of the mainstream. Di Canio's political views, as reported, are not mine. They are probably not yours. But he is entitled to hold them, and to express them. He does not help his work as a football manager if he sounds off about them at the expense of the team, but that is another matter. Oh and Guardian readers, remember "We Are All Hezbollah Now"?


Anonymous said...

What is this cry baby bully boy behaviour?

Is someone attempting to object to BLOG?!

Could that someone be Julie Burchill? Oh no - I don't think so. Could it be anyone from Reading?

Getting warmer.

Oh - and Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of SALT.......... and read 'The Colour of Milk' by Nell Leyshon.

Jane Griffiths said...

actually it's no-one from Reading, but person or persons from around THESE parts does not like some of what I write and is trying to get me disciplined and my blog shut down. It hasn't worked, and won't work. It was Julie Burchill who coined the phrase "cry-baby bully-boys" for just such activity, which is why I credited her.

Anonymous said...

Do not give in to pigmies.

They are too small.