Tuesday, 9 April 2013

they wanna be elected!

The Labour Party has chosen its candidates for the European elections. Party members are to be given the opportunity to vote on the order in which they would like the names to appear on the list. This is, I believe, radical, and is not to be encouraged. We can't have ordinary party members getting ideas and expressing opinions, Ed - do buck your ideas up. Anyway,  here is the list of names for the South-East, as publicised by LabourList. As I said, we don't know yet in what order they will appear. But oh, what fun it's going to be. Spot anyone familiar?

South East
New candidates
Anneliese Dodds
Maggie Hughes
Karen Landles
Farah Nazeer
Emily Westley
Phil Bloomer
John Howarth
Del Singh
James Swindlehurst
James Watkins


Anonymous said...

My vote is with Phil Bloomer, lovely man; works for Oxfam

Anonymous said...

Well - of course.
I never ran for selection as an MEP because I have this silly idea that one ought to in some way be SUITED to the role - and as far as I saw it, those who were fluent in more than one language were possessed of at least one qualification. That does nto include me. However, silly old me! I was soon assured by 'those in the know' that knowledge of a language other than your own was not necessary at all for a post as an MEP - and from the above list I can now see what the real qualifiation is -- having either failed to get into Westminster- or being unfit to apply for Westminster selection. Oh dear me.