Thursday, 2 May 2013

call him number one - the story continues

Mr Howarth, as any fule kno, is the proprietor of an outfit called Public Impact, of which erstwhile Reading West Labour MP Martin Salter was a founding director, and Salter's wife, Natalie O'Toole, was a director much more recently, may still be for all I know.
One of Public Impact's clients is Berkshire Women's Aid. Fair enough, although that organisation just happens to have been awarded a Reading Borough Council grant of £110,258 for 2010/11 and £74,100 for 2011/12. This information is available on Reading Borough Council's website for all to see.  So Reading's Labour council has been channelling council taxpayers' money Howarth's way through a voluntary organisation. Well, plus ca change...
Another major Public Impact client is the World Wildlife Fund.  It appears that the Head of Public Affairs at WWF-UK from August 2006 to August 2012 was one Margaret Ounsley, Reading Labour councillor in the 1990s. So, nothing cosy going on here. No public money going to enrich your mates, hein? Just saying. No wonder the EU gravy train beckons. Howarth has made a career out of trousering such monies.


Charlie said...

Jane; I can assure you that no business was done with Public Impact while I was involved with WWF, the fact that he chooses to keep information up on his site which is now over 7 years old is entirely his own affair.


Jane Griffiths said...

Thanks for that info, which as you see I am happy to publish here. You gotta wonder,,,