Friday, 21 September 2012

the spoilers have started early

my man in the Civic Offices Reading Labour Party (They're the same thing, stupid. Ed.) says the leaking of the names of Matt Rodda and Richard Davies to the Reading Chronicle was done by one of the boys.  Neither of these chaps is the favoured candidate, and the leak of their names was to ensure that work against them could begin forthwith.  Which it has done.  Richard Garvie, par contre, is Mr Salter's boy in Newbury, and thus deserves a bunk-up (ooh er missus).  As for Victoria the knicker lady (see previous post), I await a briefing from Buckinghamshire.  I fancy the Labour Party is looking for its own Louise Mensch-a-like.  (a) it has probably not found her yet and (b) Reading West is probably not the place to put her.

What larks.

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Anonymous said...

It certainly looks like the Ricky and Vicky show, desn't it?