Friday, 28 September 2012

Basher loses the plot

but not (yet) his temper, in this post following a meeting about school places in east Reading.  He addresses the issues not at all, talking only vaguely about "passions" felt by those attending the meeting, and, naturally, avoiding the factual issue that Labour's lack of commitment to schooling in east Reading over two decades means that the present council leadership should bear its share of responsibility for any problems.  He makes a personal attack on Cllr Isobel Ballsdon, who unlike most of the Reading councillors actually turned up to meet the people and hear their concerns (and spells her name wrong).  He says that Cllr John "Salter's boy" Ennis, lead member for these things, was "calm".  Not if you look at the picture of him in Basher's post he wasn't.  He has his arms crossed defensively in front of him.  First rule of public life - if you feel threatened don't show it.  Basher then offers to collate responses from the public.  This was a meeting held by Reading Borough Council.  That is why an officer was there.  Not a Labour Party meeting, ("They're the same thing.  Council tax pays for Reading Labour Party.  Get with the programme, dingbat." Ed.)

Basher, Basher, this is woeful stuff.  Selection as candidate for Reading East is receding away from you, isn't it? *Tory gloom*


Anonymous said...

A few facts about the schools meeting:

There were 7 Labour Councillors at the meeting, at least one from each ward in Reading East where there is a sitting Labour Councillor.
There were also 2 Lib Dems, 2 Tories, 1 Green and 1 Independent.

To her credit Isabelle Ballsdon did attend and speak. She read an ill-judged pre-prepared statement defending Rob Wilson which was badly received and she was heckled. A significant number of people walked out as she was speaking.

Jane Griffiths said...

this is not factual. "Ill-judged" is a value judgment, not a statement of fact. "Pre-prepared" is barely literate, and also not factual, unless Cllr Ballsdon showed you the statement she made in advance of the meeting, which would surprise me. My understanding was (from Cllr Ballsdon's blog) that she was speaking on behalf of Rob Wilson MP, who was unable to attend. Those who walked out did not hear what she said and are therefore not in a position to comment. If your numbers are correct then the majority of Reading councillors did not attend the meeting. Is it a bad thing to prepare a statement in advance? Who heckled Cllr Ballsdon? Are they proud of their behaviour? And why can nobody seem to spell Cllr Ballsdon's name correctly?

Anonymous said...

Reading a prepared statement means that you do not react to the mood of the audience. This can and did result in people heckling and walking out.

If Cllr Ballsdon was speaking on behalf of Mr Wilson and did so willingly she was endorsing his views. If she was unwilling then she shouldn't have done it.

The people who walked out probably felt that they were demonstrating their strength of feeling about Cllr Ballsdon's statement so they very possibly were proud of their actions.

Jane Griffiths said...

you people are amazing. Appearing at a meeting to represent the MP is a bad thing, but shouting and walking out of a meeting is a good thing, What would you rather have happened, do tell. And if you are interested in Cllr Ballsdon't own views why not ask her, instead of informing me what they are?