Wednesday, 26 September 2012

how very dare they?

hat-tip James Hallwood via Mark Ferguson
the LibDems the nice people's party?  I think not.  A lot of them are racist (not so much so as the Greens, obvs) and the lyrics pictured left are what they think is amusing to sing at their conference.  But why, as Labour List and I both wonder, is Nick Clegg not being asked to distance himself from this vile and hateful doggerel, as Labour were asked to distance themselves from the "Thatcher Death" T-shirts at the TUC?   Anyone got an answer? *sound of tumbleweed*

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Was said...

I claim my prize: It's from The Liberator Songbook.

The songs are sung at what is tweely called Glee Club a nauseating annual event held during the Lib Dem conference.

This is a link to just a few of them:

There are far worse "songs" than that.

Frankly I'm surprised no-one has filmed and published the goings on of the baccinalian orgy.

Followers of Mr Epps antics will not be surprised to discover that that this dipsomaniacs convention is a particular favourite of his.