Tuesday, 17 January 2012

should newspapers behave like this?

The Times has put its editorial outside the Paywall. Here is an extract from it. Seems reasonable to me.

People who are misrepresented or mistreated by newspapers deserve quick and easy access to a meaningful form of redress. Corrections should be in a regular, prominent place. Editors should be willing to remedy a substantial mistake on the front page by at least flagging a correction on the front page. And it would be helpful if the regulator posted newspaper corrections on its website and circulated them to all editors and newsdesks.
Newspapers should contact the person or institution that they are writing about before the story runs. This is for reasons of decency — it is better to tell something unpleasant to someone’s face than go behind their back; it is for reasons of accuracy — you want to know their side of the story; and it is for reasons of fairness — it gives them a chance to inform friends, family and colleagues of negative coverage to come.


Anonymous said...

Agree with all.

Anonymous said...

In the past the Times and the Evening Post were both owned by the Thomson Corporation. Wonder if the Post would sign up to any of the items from the Times editorial. It would be a hange of practice for them.