Tuesday, 24 January 2012

the fat mole

It appears that the "mole", wrongly described as such in certain media, the Labour councillor who was overheard talking loudly in a supermarket about Reading Labour's plans to sack the council chief executive, was none other than Fatboy Hartley, and that this is why he was sacked from the Cabinet. I did wonder. He's standing down from the council anyway, so it would only have been a matter of weeks before the Cabinet post changed hands anyway. Well, it would be in character. No taste, no discretion, no style, no political acumen. Yup, that's the Hartley we know so well. In other news, did readers see on Twitter yesterday that a site called This is Wiltshire reported a visit to a river in the county which has unexpectedly dried up - the constituency MP, Claire Perry, was present, as was Charles Walker MP, who is chair of the All-Party Angling Group, as was another person, described as "Reading MP Martin Salter". The caption to the picture accompanying the story said "Martin Salter MP". Now what gave This is Wiltshire the idea that Mr S was an MP? It won't have been either of the two actual MPs who were present. So where do you think the lie came from?


Martin S MP, Reading said...

Well, US Presidents are addressed as "Mr President" after they leave the White House. Same principle really.

Anonymous said...

Pants ON please. Have just had dinner and now feel sick.

Anonymous said...

As it says in the advert next to this posting - Ex MP turns to Fiction.

did this revelation come to you in a dream or is it the usual unnamed reliable sources?

Jane Griffiths said...

what do you mean, Anon 0955, the kind of sources the Reading dead trees have for their anonymous briefings? No. I found out, is all.