Wednesday, 21 December 2011

a pimp for fascism

says "guest1", posting on Harry's Place.  No prizes for guessing who guest1 was talking about.  That's right, the man who saluted Saddam Hussein and pretended to be a cat.  The loathsome Galloway.  This is what a comment by "Greg" had to say, and I could not put it better:

Galloway is an unrepentant adulterer who is a demonstrable liar, a paid mouth-piece for theocratic extremism, an alleged thief from charities, a bigot and prancing peacock. He flaunts his hypocrisy as if others have no memory or written records don’t exist. He stands shoulder-to-shoulder with mass-murders and thugs and proudly partakes in criminal activity.

Yep.  Harry's Place also describes Galloway as a "pro-Soviet Taliban supporter".  Is that a contradiction in terms?  I reckon it is, though others disagree.  At least it shows intellectual confusion.  I didn't think you could be pro-Soviet and support the Taliban.  I wasn't exactly pro-Soviet myself, though I had my tankie moments when I was young and foolish.  When the Trots said "Neither Washington nor Moscow", I was more like "Nnnnooo, Moscow it is."  But that was long ago.  I did support the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and am unrepentant.  It was a Good Thing.  There is a generation of Afghan women now reaching their middle years who are doing stuff in public life because they can, because they were educated in Soviet times.  Girls in Afghanistan since have not had that good fortune.

Anyway.  The post with the link to Galloway's latest remarks about Hitchens (oh yes he did) is here.  The Gallstone is apparently pissed off that people paying tribute to the Hitch have often chosen to be horrid about him.  Diddums. That is because his views are loathsome and he is an intellectual opportunist, a political hypocrite and a whore of dictators.  Next?


Martin S MP, Reading said...

I wouldn't exactly call old Galloway a whore. He's just a bit easy.

Anonymous said...

Takes one to know one.

Jane Griffiths said...

Oooh, tell me more, 1546

Anonymous said...

Don't expect me to believe you are the only person who doesn't know?

Thought you were ahead of his game .

Jane Griffiths said...

no idea what you're on about, sorry