Wednesday, 21 December 2011

do you trust your phone?

I trust mine.  But then I hardly ever use it.  The great thing about an iPad, for me, is that it is NOT a phone.  Telephonic communication has never been my mode of choice, apart from a brief interlude in my teens when my Best Friend and I talked for hours every day after we got home from school.  And I have noticed from my regular travel on Strasbourg's trams, whose passengers for much of the day are mostly teenagers, that hardly anyone actually TALKS on the phone these days.  I even looked up yesterday when someone's phone rang and they answered it.  The person was of course a middle-aged woman.  The teenagers around her  were chatting in text language on their phone messenger services, listening to music on their phones, or gaming or going on Facebook and other social sites.  A few were texting, but that is going out of style too.  I am going to have to learn not to use email.  I have been in contact with both my children recently about travel plans to see each other, and both of them said - "OK, email me.  I'll check my emails tomorrow".  That exchange of messages was of course on Facebook.  Well, there you go.  But in the business world things are perhaps a little different.

Dilbert, I got it from Language Log
A well-known Reading blogger did in fact get an article published on the same theme as the Dilbert here.  But I do like the "so help me Jobs".

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BRONTO said...

I love the phone. I love emails. I am a dinosaur and proud to come out as one.