Thursday, 15 December 2011

la France et la politique

it's all kicking off today here in la belle France.  Former minister Rama Yade was on TV today.  Here she is (sig other thinks she is HOT).  She was sacked by Sarko for being an uppity black girl, as far as I can tell.  Anyway, there is a case against her for plagiarism in a book she wrote about education.  This being France, although she tells us that her private life has been invaded by investigators, her tax records leaked, and irrelevant personal details included in the accusation against her, nothing of this is likely to appear in the French media.  She is confident of this, saying in the interview that this is "the last time such things will be mentioned", and she is probably right.

Parliamentary elections are looming.  In French politics it is usual for a politician to be the mayor of somewhere, and for that role to be at least as important as their role as an Assembly member or senator.  A row is brewing, as Segolene Royal, losing presidential candidate in 2007 and defeated in the primaries this year, has been found a seat in the swanky town of La Rochelle.  There were some local boys who thought it should be theirs, and rather more who thought local party members should be able to vote on who should be their candidate.  Party leader Martine Aubry however had this to say:
"Ça suffit. On réserve la circonscription pour éviter qu'il y ait au moment des votes des tas de problèmes et qu'on salisse Ségolène."
"That's enough.  The selection for this constituency has been set aside to avoid any problems around a vote, and to stop Segolene being smeared".
That's them told then.

In other news today, Jacques Chirac, former president and former mayor of Paris, awaits a verdict in his trial for corruption.  He is charged with using public funds to hire party and campaign staff to non-existent municipal posts, and have them work on his campaign.  That, of course, never happens in politics, hein?  Chirac did not actually stand trial in person, being deemed unfit for reasons of failing memory and possible dementia.  My arse. A statement has been read out saying he didn't do anything wrong.  So that's all right then.  Update: Chirac has just been found guilty.  Ha ha and double ha.  He must be in tears.  Oh, he is (see picture below)

David Sutton
Former Reading council leader David "moronic members of the public" Sutton is a great friend and admirer of Chirac.  Especially for his stance on the Iraq war in 2003.  Remember that?
Jacques Chirac


Anonymous said...

Well, JC has got what he deserves, quite obviously.


Such monsters of corruption are often disarmingly charming, impressive and convincing and this is part of their danger!

In 2003/4,he wowed Parliament when he addressed both Houses from the Lords. Imrpessive wasn't the word for it. Grown men and women in tears of awe. Hm -- very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

"uppity black girl"? how racist of you

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 09:15

Hahahaha. Thanks for the laugh. You started early on the sauce didn't you.

Now read the whole sentence and understand what is being said. Fool.

Jane Griffiths said...

blimey, you're going back a bit, anon 0915! Do try and keep up. so I'm racist because Sarko sacked a popular minister - and he was up front and clear precisely why he was doing it, as you will know from your undoubtedly close perusal of the French media, hein? Interesting line of thought. Next up: I'm racist because Reading Labour put out a racist dog-whistle election leaflet? I'm a Jew-hater because Lush won't have shops in Israel? I'm homophobic because they hang gay people in Iran? Nice.