Friday, 11 November 2011

watching Watson

Tom Watson MP appeared to have a knockout blow in that he reportedly met Neville Thurlbeck, former chief reporter of the late News of the World, to be told that there was evidence of widespread phone hacking that the company's management should have known about. But he spoiled it all by making a cheap jibe about the mafia, just for headlines. Guido is suitably contemptuous, and is on his case about nocturnal activities too.


Anonymous said...

Well, yes. Long memories.

Anyone for a swim?

Anonymous said...

If you were Thurl-beck you'd be pissed off at giving this self important tosser good information for it to br lost in avpiece of self-glorification by Watson. No wonder his coup attempt against Tony was so laughable and you have to wonder about mili-e having him as champion campaigner - laughable. All noise no substance.

Anonymous said...

Oh - well LOTS of noise, as it happens. And encouraging OTHERS to make noise; and also not always being so holier than thou about those pesky chppies from teh papers.
In fact, once being very keen to facilitate their every desire -


Anonymous said...

How amazing that all these so-called big and scary papers have been frightened to print anything about Watson's involvement in the infamous Ship of Shame episode in the early years of this century - despite being quizzed about it and despite it being an open and shameful ( indeed) secret in the history of journalism and politics for years. And even involving a hospital. The shame that dare not speak its name, hey boys? ( and girl). What pussies the papers are. And the Guido.Cannot be WATCHDOG if purr like PUSSY.