Wednesday, 2 November 2011

coffin chasing

is how one reader described Mr Salter's lip-smacking over the murder of Joanna Yeates. Where was he when an innocent man, Christopher Jefferies, was treated as a murderer in that case? We all know that Mr Salter sickeningly exploited the murder of another young woman, whose mother, Liz Longhurst,lived in Reading East, to fuel his sordid machinations within the nest of vipers that is Reading Labour Party. More in the Telegraph:

Liz Longhurst, who was instrumental in securing the laws banning violent porn, said it was "most unfortunate" that the legislation had failed to lead to a greater number of prosecutions.
Her daughter Jane, 31, was murdered in 2003 by Graham Coutts, who had watched violent strangulation pornography – some just the day before Jane's death – and prosecutors claimed the material was the trigger for the crime.
Martin Salter, a former Labour MP who helped bring in the new law, said: "I would like to see the police redouble their endeavours to use these new tools.
"The more people are aware of the tightening of the rules on this kind of pornography, the more likely it is to deter people who are teetering on the edge of a damaging obsession."

Comments? I will, in due course.


Anonymous said...

The Telegraph AS WELL?! It was bad enough that The Mail has been seduced by him. You expect it of some moronic papers but not ones canny enough to know better. Where is Quentin Letts when needed on this one?


The idea that watching something can lead to someone becoming a sadistic murderer is laughable anyway.

You're either a nutter with murderous tendancies or you're not.

I love the Sopranos but to date I haven't killed a rival, chopped anyone's hands or head off, taken heroin or slain a horse.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and my grand-children don't tend to do the dreadful things that happen to animals, a la Tom & Jerry etc. But I'm sure that watching or reading porn makes men randier.

Anonymous said...

And women too. Look at Jacqui Smith!