Wednesday, 30 November 2011

and Hartley heads for the hills

Afraid of the Greens in Park ward? I wouldn't be.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Richard McKenzie?

Not good enough? Too tired from previous bruising campaigns against the nasty Greens?


Jane Griffiths said...

yes, poor old Basher, a promising political career in ruins *completely fails to keep straight face*

Fat Bloke in My Seat said...

Lies and Lies and Lies

......he's got a partner, come one, next you'll expect me to believe he's moving to London.

Which poor sap will have to step aside?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, when the Evening Post cut and pasted the Labour Party press release they left in the bit where it said that Hartley had been working in Park ward. That is how we know this a comedy piece as he is the laziest councillor in the world. Hahahahahahahah.

Anonymous said...

"Moving away from Reading" = not a hope in hell of being re-elected

Reminds me of when John Howarth stood down