Thursday, 24 November 2011

let's hear it for...

Cllr Hartley, who has been kind enough to send me the following email:

Dear Resident
I'm writing to remind you that the Council is hosting the Working Better with You community event at the Town Hall on the 24th November at 5.30pm. We would like as many residents to come along and hear the views the programme has gathered so far as well as helping to develop ways that the Council and its staff and members can work better with you in the future.
Attached is a copy of the original invite, but if you would like to attend and have yet to register please contact us using the following link On-line booking form, by calling us on 0118 937 2098 or email us at
Yours sincerely,

Jon Hartley
Lead Councillor, Service Delivery and Improvement

Sorry Jon, I'm having a bikini wax that day.


dreamingspire said...

"As many residents as" what? A bit incoherent, isn't it? I have friends who live in Reading, and feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

I went along. It was a long way less stage-managed and manipulated than I had feared. Still need to see how the results are handled.