Wednesday, 5 October 2011

normal service 3

the issue of the threats made to me about my publication of the Photo of Doom has had a bit of an airing now.  The comments were, I am sure you will agree, helpful.  In sum, it is believed, and I am separately advised, that what I did was publish a photograph which pictured a number of people, all of whom were or should have been aware, or their parents were or should  have been aware, that the photograph was intended for public display; the photograph had indeed been in the public domain for some time when I published it; I published it for the purpose of comment not reportage, for which the photograph was essential; and I acknowledged the source. This is fair dealing and fair comment, and copyright has not been infringed.

the editor-in-chief Sally Stevens, and the assembled reporting staff of that protector of Mr Salter's reputation guardian of public morals  copier of Labour press releases  pile of pulped wood the Reading Chronicle can therefore go f*** themselves.  The photo stays.

the question remains: why is Mr S so upset about a photograph he chose to pose for?  did he subsequently discover that parents were never informed? or what?

here is the email (the first of them) sent to me by Sal S and marked NOT FOR PUBLICATION

Dear Ms Griffiths

A reader has brought to my attention that your political blog uses a photograph from our archive, featuring children, without permission. Please can you remove it immediately.

Sally Stevens

Sally Stevens, Editor In Chief
Berkshire Media Group Ltd


Anonymous said...

Crap incarnate.

Please? No thank you.

Augustus Carp said...

It's like those letters to Private Eye...

Dear Ms Griffiths, I am studying the inter-relation between schoolchildren and former MPs. As you are a former MP yourself, do you by any chance have any photos that might be of assistance to me?

Yours sincerely, etc

Jane Griffiths said...


Jonathan said...

Dear Mrs Griffiths

Can you help me settle an argument. My friend thinks that Martin Salter has never visited Reading West in his life, but I believe he once visited a primary school in the constituency for a photo op. Do you have any photos of Martin Salter at a Reading West Primary School having a photo op with some of the pupils there?

Yours sincerely, etc