Tuesday, 4 October 2011

normal service has been resumed

No sooner is Mr Salter back in Reading than I begin to receive threatening communications from the Reading dead-tree media. I am sure this is a coincidence. The latest one is entitled NOT FOR PUBLICATION and is in those shouty capitals that make you think the 1990s never went away. So I am not going to share it with you. Not today anyway. Apparently Her Majesty's Reading Chronicle think I have published something Horrid and Beastly, which must be Removed Immediately. But they haven't said what it is! So I can't remove it without further information! Which I have asked for. So we can discuss the required permissions. Which I am sure they have. Oh yes.

Oh joy. Lashings of ginger beer.


Anonymous said...

One hopes that pants ahoy are not involved......

Anonymous said...

And sausage rolls and cucumber sandwiches and pork pie and chocolate sponge and fruit cake and Timmy the dog.

And Uncle Quentin.

Was said...

Threats of the use of copyright law by an organisation or individual to prevent publication of their correspondance is negated by the fair use clause in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 which allows use of copyright material for the purposes of criticism and news reporting.

Unsolicited commumications marked "Not for Publication" have no meaning under UK copyright law.

Basically if a person or organisation sends you a threatening email you can publish it on a blog without fear as the threat could be deemed to be newsworthy.