Tuesday, 25 October 2011

a chapter from the book of the season

a chapter from the new book of political counterfactuals "Prime Minister Boris and other things that never happened" (get yours now, click on right) has been posted by Iain Dale.  It is also written by a former Labour MP, but there the resemblance to mine very much ends.


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Anonymous said...

I have just taken a look at the Dale link and feel like having a jolly good wash.

Tony McNulty? NO

Peter Watt NO NO

Jacqui Smith NO NO NO and bring on the dettol.

Don't like being on the front pages in a nasty way, Jackboots, rather than being called the Gladstone of our time? Oh dear.

Colleagues a bit sniffy and smug that it was you and not them, were they?

Grow up.

Cross that the nasty old buggers in the press keep on walloping on about the silly old porn and can't get it that you were being INVESTIGATIVE and IRONIC when you posed in that ridiculous plastic mac outside a porn shop for your ground breaking porn docmentary?

Deary deary me. I think you chose the wrong profession. Have just seen a v good prog about women entering a convent. You can go in at any age at any time. Try it.

NOW and spare us your tedious musings on anything and everyone else.



And can someone wean the lovely Jerry Hayes away from such a poor set of so - called friends?