Wednesday, 29 June 2011


this from Basher McKenzie before the local election:

The Parents’ Group is considering options around legal action, I am campaigning with Councillor Jon Hartley to make sure that my Party commits itself to persuing legal action against Wokingham Borough Council in its manifesto for the May elections if Labour takes control of Reading Council in May.

and now?


Jonathan said...

Reading take school catchment row to Government

Their legal advice is that they have to complain to the Young People's Learning Agency before taking legal action, so that is what they are doing.

Jane Griffiths said...

so the campaign pledge by Basher was just a bunch of stupid arse then

Anonymous said...

and now RBC are pursuing things via the proper process

Jane Griffiths said...

it's only taken Reading Labour 13 years to get round to it

Anonymous said...

As I understand it , Labour did sought legal advice only to be told what they already knew anyway in terms of procedure. So, a few grands of taxpayers to satisfy Park parents and of course the Greens' credibility ( that is if there is any left now..). What you must remember Jane, is not only Basher pursued a campaign but did get an undertaking from his mob. I clearly recall seeing on his blog that he had it confirmed or did the post disappear? Oh well, it's history now..