Sunday, 19 June 2011

happy Father's Day

Not something I thought I would ever say. Largely because my actual father died more than 35 years ago, much too young, 45, he was. But also because I and my family have never gone in for Mother's Day and Father's Day and so on. Still and all, my (adult) children do of course have a father, who is living, and, more importantly to me, my granddaughter, who will be four this year, has a father, who is not only living but who is with his family and works very hard. So, happy Father's Day Andrew (my granddaughter's father and he does not know I am
posting this) and may you have the rewards that fatherhood brings. I suspect they are a little hard to discern sometimes, but thank you anyway. I know Eliza gets a lot more from you than red curly hair and left-handedness.

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Anonymous said...

Well - the father of my adult children was and is - an utter bastard and it makes me sick and ill to think that he will no doubt have been basking today in the ridiculous attention of his eldest daughter ( not mine) and her child - yes, he is also a grandad.

Meanwhile, he has destroeyd the lives of his other two children and the lives of my children. And probably any other bloody children who have had the misfortune to cross his path.

I hope when he dies it will be painful and slow and I hate him more with every passing year. The swine.

But my own father, who sadly died in 2008 was just fab. Gone but never forgotten. Thanks Dad - wherever you are.