Friday, 17 June 2011

twas ever thus

Was informs us as follows

Donations to the Reading East and Reading West CLP on the Electoral Commission web site shows that in March £3,000 was donated by an unincorporated association that lists its address as:
Civic Centre
Yes, the Reading  Labour Group really does think that it owns the Council.

but this is hardly news, is it?  Reading Labour Party's affairs have been run from the Civic for many years, with free use of rooms, photocopying, computers, officers' time, all at the service of the party.  And not only the Civic.  Countless media stunts have been on council premises and supported by the council's media operations.  The lid began to be lifted on this during Labour's brief period in opposition.  Perhaps this is why they couldn't wait until what is a very likely victory over a LibDem or three next year, providing them with an actual majority, because they feared the long arm of the law.  Perhaps.  But a councillor in opposition can do a lot, and find out a lot, if they have the will and the courage to do it.  But beware.  From 2000 to 2004 any letter or email I wrote to a council officer, or indeed councillor, was copied to then Cllr Sutton as leader, and some of those found their way into media briefings.

Ah well.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting Jane.

Basher has been very quiet
recently have you any idea

Jane Griffiths said...

depressed I think. Good.

Anonymous said...

He is too busy trying to convert radical Islamists to evangelical Christianity and resist being converted by them.