Wednesday, 22 June 2011

that's them told then

the West Australian has this:

A top adviser to former British prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown has held up WA as a shining example of good fisheries management and denounced the push to set up marine parks as fundamentally flawed.

Martin Salter, who was parliamentary spokesman for fisheries under Britain's previous Labour government, yesterday slammed as spurious the science used by conservationists to lock up big areas of ocean as no-take zones.
In Perth for a series of lectures on the issue, Mr Salter said fisheries management in WA such as seasonal closures and bag and size limits were more effective at preserving fish stocks than imposing marine sanctuaries.
It comes as the Gillard Government finalises plans to establish a network of marine parks in Federal waters between the Abrolhos Islands and Kangaroo Island in South Australia.
Mr Salter's claims were challenged by environmentalists, who seized on a report painting a bleak picture of the world's oceans to suggest marine conservation measures were not going far enough.
A panel of 27 scientists, working for the International Program on the State of the Ocean and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, warned marine species were at risk of extinction. Their report said the world's seas were degenerating faster than expected because of several factors, including climate warming and seawater acidification.
Conservation Council of WA marine co-ordinator Tim Nicol said WA had a "relatively" strong record of managing fish stocks but drastic cuts to dhufish and rock lobster catch limits in recent years were evidence the system was failing.
He said Mr Salter's arguments attacking marine parks were part of a "smear campaign" by fishing groups against proved science which was aimed at safeguarding their interests.
However, Mr Salter said no-take zones were a punitive measure on recreational anglers and would not be needed in WA.


Anonymous said...

Why os Martin Salter doing this? He was not on pay roll as a Labour Government Fishing Consultant.The relevant Defra/Deetr or whatever - Minister would have had fishing as part of his/her responsibility.

He was just a backbench person who was patronsied without pay - as having an 'interest' in it. Rather like a pacifier dummy for a baby. But not worth pay roll. Lets get that straight.

Is he actually being PAID for a fishing role now in Australia? Why?

Martin S MP, Reading said...

'A top adviser'.

Get me!

Anonymous said...

Such a top adviser that the last Labour Government introduced such Marine Conservation Zones in the Marine Act 2009. Either he has changed his mind, or they ignored him or he is talking bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 13:17

Or all three are true....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 13:17 - I think it's both the second and third things on your list!

Anonymous said...

The Aussie's can keep our MP (Mayor Presumptive) if they like.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - bollocks. And he is still not wearing pants, the dirty oik.