Monday, 30 August 2010

well it went off OK

The Jethro Tull concert in Israel that is - so far. And the best the boycotters can think of is to say that Ian Anderson is not Jethro Tull. No, because Jethro Tull was a 17th-century English agricultural reformer. Now they have turned on (as in turned against) LCD Soundsytem, whose Facebook page is here. I have to confess that they are a popular beat combo whose oeuvre is mysterious to me, give it time give it time.


Anonymous said...

"Jethro Tull himself (Ian Anderson, legendary flute-playing one-leg-standing lead of legendary 1970s prog-rock band) "

It is clearly you that is confused Jane

jane said...

the author of this comment was clearly never a fan in the 1970s nor went to any of their gigs. the band was collectively dubbed "Jethro" by its fans, who pretended to think that Ian Anderson's name was Jethro Tull and that the band was named after him, btw the band was always referred to as "Tull" when its music was under discussion. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Yes I was, and yes I did. I was even at the fateful "Passion Play" concert so slagged off by Chris Welch of Melody Maker in 1973; which arguably put paid to their performing career.
Band called "Jethro" when talked about by their fans, except when referring to their music, when they were called "Tull". What sort of circles did you move in?