Thursday, 19 August 2010

oh dear Basher oh dear oh dear

Basher McKenzie, who is still describing himself as "the Labour candidate for Park Ward" in east Reading, posts  that he has joined "the Pakistani community" to break the Ramadan fast and "raise money for flood relief".  all very good Basher.  Hope you had a nice chat with the women who were there, who undoubtedly were playing an important role in the event.  What's that you say?  They were in the background preparing the food?  Ah.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, Pakistan flood relief.  No mention of the gross and corrupt mishandling of the disaster by the Pakistan government.  No.  That might get complicated.  And - oh dear, Basher - he titles the post "Pakistani earthquake".  Yes, there are earthquakes sometimes in Pakistan.  There was a major one a few years ago that took a lot of lives and made a lot of people homeless.  But, er, this time it is not an earthquake, it is a flood.  This really will not do. 

Basher informs us that "some Labour councillors" were there.  Jolly good.  Park has one Labour councillor, Fatboy Hartley, not known for doing any work, ever, and whose only means of support is the rental income from the house Mummy and Daddy bought him, and his councillors' allowances.  Was Fatboy there?  We are not told.  "Other Park Ward councillors" were not there, we are told.  Were they invited?  If not why not?  Was the Reading East MP there?  Was he invited?  If not why not?

Whatever we might go to Basher's occasional outpourings for, it is not for accurate or truthful accounts of anything that happens in Park Ward, or anywhere else.


Anonymous said...

At least he gives a plug to fund raising for the victims of this major disaster, and a link to the Disasters Emergency Committee website for donations. Which is more than you have.

This religious event WAS originally advertised men only, with a plan to do a women only event later. But changed at the last minute. Probably to facilitate rounding up potential non-muslim donors.

jane said...

so all potential donors, whatever their religion, are men?