Thursday, 9 May 2013

we'll all be killed in our beds, tra-la

the splendid Mr Howarth, the gift that just keeps on giving, has treated us to this. For those who can't be bothered to click through to His Master's Voice, that apology for journalism that spends its time and its advertisers' money copying out Reading Labour press releases - he tells us that UKIP would like to opt out of the European Arrest Warrant. This is a Euro-thing, which came to the UK Parliament in 2001 (I was on the committee which saw it into UK legislation) - and which was massively watered down in 2004 by the UK, which demanded, and  secured, various opt-outs from it. Which I don't remember Mr H campaigning against at the time. Mr Howarth, proprietor Public Impact Ltd (remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?) says that if UKIP get their way terrorists will blow everyone in the UK to pieces. I am reminded of the Daily Mash headline "Everyone Dead By Teatime".

What I wonder is why Mr H is attacking UKIP. Especially on the European Arrest Warrant. I remember that at the time of its passage through Parliament (I used to be a member of a delightful committee called "European Standing Committee B" which sent you a wheelbarrow-load of papers every few weeks so that European directives could be enshrined in UK law) the late Gwyneth Dunwoody, who had some fun joining in the deselection campaign in Reading East on account of her close personal friendship with one T. Page, stormed into the committee and demanded to speak in opposition to the Warrant, which she did, at length.  Unsuccessfully. Like all the other right-wing Euro-phobes. Given Mr Howarth's total support for Ms Dunwoody's position at the time, perhaps he could inform us why he has now converted to Euro-Arrest-Warrant-Fan-Boy-dom? Oh, please yourselves.

Where was I? Ah yes. Mr Howarth is attacking UKIP, and we ask why? His current campaign is not for election, but for the top position on the the list of Labour Euro-candidates. UKIP are not his enemy. Certainly not there, but not generally either. But hey, we're all going to be killed in our beds by terrorists. Oh yes, John, We certainly are. Because there have been no terrorist attacks, and no terrorist suspects arrested, in the UK since 2001, have there? And if there have been there would have been more were it not for the European Arrest Warrant, hein? Say that to the families and loved ones of the 50-plus victims in London  7/7 2005, why don't you Mr Howarth? No, I don't think you will. Better to have a pop at the bunch of lunatics in UKIP.

Couldn't resist actually posting this nonsense. I think he is holding up an actual printed piece of paper. How very quaint and 1990s of him.
pic: His Master's Voice. Inspiration: no clue 

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Anonymous said...

UKIP are not lunatics.
They represent the views of a majority of the population. (On a few key issues that is).