Wednesday, 1 August 2012

the complications of modern life, 2

I am going to spend Christmas with my mother this year, in Cornwall, just the two of us.  And why not?  My new grandchild (did I mention that?) is due on 2nd January, and I am determined to be there at the time of the birth.  So, I'll stay on after Christmas until the baby comes.  Simple, huh?  Not really.  Not if you do not live in the UK and are not rolling in money.  Book a flight now, no-show if the baby comes late, get a late ticket?  Expensive, that.  Book Eurostar and buy the insurance so get refunded if do not travel then?  Still have to get expensive late ticket and wait for refund.  Plays havoc with the cash flow.  What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Probably feel very upset, angry and bitter. I have been there - not with grandchildren but with cash flows and it stinks.In my experience, when you have money, you don't appreciate it and never save and live in Max Mara etc - when you don't you can think of nothing else and it narrows your life. Congratulations to prospective parents by the by. And prospective great grandma.