Monday, 20 August 2012

OK I've had enough now

of Julian Assange and his posturings that is.  Wikileaks is/was a criminal operation which sold intelligence, including intelligence on the Belarus opposition to that country's totalitarian dictator Lukashenko, using the whore of the fascists "Israel Shamir" as a go-between.  Assange's activities may have been responsible for many deaths, and certainly are responsible for the promotion of antidemocratic activities.  And yet we see him standing on a windowsill in Knightsbridge like the jumped-up pantomime dame he is, spouting anti-American drivel and other such nauseating buffoonery.  Well, OK, he's doing all that because he can, and as smoke and mirrors to distract from the charge of rape against him and the fact that he is a fugitive from justice.  But at the weekend there were people camped in the street outside SUPPORTING him!  What for?  Someone tell me!  He is wanted for rape.  He thinks he might go down for that.  Well, he might, but in Sweden he will have due process.  In Ecuador, or Belarus, he would not.  Neither country has anything much in the way of human rights or the rule of law, to say nothing of democracy.

On the crime of rape, I support anonymity for men accused of it - because the man might be acquitted, because the charges might be false, and because everyone deserves a fair trial.

On Julian Assange I say - send him to Sweden to stand trial.  To the Ecuador authorities I say - how are you going to get him to the airport?  To the people playing games in the street supporting Assange I say - stop being so silly, grow up and take a look at yourselves.

Update: it is being pointed out, rightly, that Assange has not actually been charged with any offence in Sweden, but is wanted for arrest there.  Which makes the posturings even more ludicrous.

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Anonymous said...

Agree with everything you have said and ---- (is this going to provoke WW3?) - my sympathy for Pussy Riot and their supporters Madonna and Paul Mcartney etc is not bottomless.............