Sunday, 29 July 2012

William Boyd, Waiting for Sunrise

Here is his latest, and I was pleased to pre-order it, had been a bit Kindle-focused so took a while to get round to it, as it was in hardback.  Anyway, have now read it, and frankly was disappointed.  He is such a great story teller, and here was not really telling much of a story at all.  OK, here is a chap in Vienna, psychoanalysis blah blah, First World War blah blah, affair with strange girl blah blah, so what blah blah.  Nice enough writing, but his writing is not so nice as to excuse the fact that there is no real story there.  The actual plot, such as it is, is made so obscure and opaque (who is Andromeda?) (what happened on Hampstead Heath?) - oh look there's a Zeppelin! that interest is lost quite quickly.  Profound gloom.  There are not many writers I pre-order.  Maybe I'll leave it a bit and have another look.


Anonymous said...

Haven't read the last two or three -- the espionage one was the last ( female double agent; Nazis etc ) and that was very disappointing.

Booker longlist not inspiring.
Hate Will Self - found Nicola Barker's Darklands virtually incomprehensible and what I've skim read of Yips in a bookshop doesn't appeal. I am now taking a plunge backwards - into the world of Elizabeth Taylor ( the writer) who is up for a centenary and I've also ordered some Ivy Compton Burnett and JB Prietsly ( Angel Paving; When we are Married) from Amazon. Arriving tomorrow, so quite excited.On the 'new' front, Edna O'Brien has an autobiog out later this year which will be a pre-order for me. And Jeanette Winterson has one coming out about witchraft. Emma Donohughe is worth it - not 'Room' but try 'The Sealed Letter'. And am looking forward to starting the new biog of Henry 7th, 'The Winter King'. Shades of Grey not on my list.

Jane Griffiths said...

Restless. I thought that was excellent. And his last one, Ordinary Thunderstorms, was brilliant. But I have gone off him now. Shades of Grey - will not be going there. So now thinking what next. Impress me, writers out there.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Jennings. 'Harriet' and 'The Tortoise and The Hare'