Sunday, 8 July 2012

flip flop, flippety flop

Here we have the delightful Janet Gavin, sacked schoolmarm with too much time on her hands, telling us how marvellous a park and ride at Palmer Park would be.  Not just marvellous, but essential.  No other spare land in the borough, she trills.  It must be done, she chirps.  Going to happen, she squeals.

And this is what the even more delightful Basher has to say (at least he can spell "micro" - Jannie-babes seems to think it has no "r" - where is the quality control with these people?  Have they put Howarth in charge of it?)

I am pleased to be able to tell you that RBC has abandoned its attempts to introduce a Micro Park and Ride at Palmer Park and Clayfield Copse in Caversham.

The first signs that the Council was prepared to drop the plan started coming last week, however life is never certain and it was not until it was confirmed could we relax.

Well done everyone who campaigned. I will post more details when I have had time to read the Council papers from yesterdays full Council meeting.

Although he can't do apostrophes, as we see.  My rates are very reasonable, you grammar-challenged folk clearly do need some help.  Park Ward Labour party campaigned, it seems, against this Labour plan.  Which has now disappeared. And never existed.  Meanwhile, Cllr Gavin tweets to inform us that she is in the business-class lounge on her way into exile.

We have always been at war with Eurasia... 

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Anonymous said...

Quite - and I bet they don't know where that comes from either!

( and what if I say there are four, Winston?)

( do it to Julia).