Saturday, 7 July 2012

dog whistle

not racist.  No.
is what is being used by the LibDems here.  The Tory candidate they are fighting is gay, and they use the words "it's a straight fight".  Which of course is perfectly innocent language, hein?  No.  Dog whistle is a very simple thing.  You use plain language about your opponent, and it contains a code word or words which indicate that you are contrasting your party's candidate with the other one by saying that person is gay, or black, or otherwise "other", and your candidate is not.  It could be a number of things.  Typically it is sexuality or race.  Reading Labour has form on this too, as recently as this year's local elections, remember? Reading Labour's white girl is "one of us", unlike the Tory candidate, who was born in Pakistan.


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Was said...

I'd be very careful if I were the Tories in Grove Ward. Gareth Epps will no doubt be on his way right now to start another imaginary punch up defending the, er, use of dog whistling :S

Mmm, I may have got that the wrong way around. To be consistent he will be on his way to start an imaginary fight with local Lib Dems.

Hang on, he's been doing that for the last four years.

I give in ;0)

Anonymous said...

This is happening all the time and in the end I wonder if it really matters that much.