Wednesday, 9 May 2012

that head-butt

here is what the Reading Chronicle had to say about it (so it must be true).  It's clear that Gareth Epps. former councillor and leader of the Reading LibDem group, had a go at Reading Labour when the Church ward result was announced, referring no doubt to the disgraceful desperate racist dog-whistle leaflet - the response by Wee Georgie Loughlin was physical violence.  In character.  For Georgie.  Gareth Epps made his view - disgust - at that leaflet public before election night.  Rightly in my view.  The response, according to the Chronicle, of senior LibDems was to distance themselves from Gareth Epps.  Shame on them.  Because if that is what he said, he was right.  And if Wee Georgie attacked anyone physically - and I have seen him do it before, he is a loathsome violent dysfunctional little git - nobody should be "distancing" themselves from anything, but charges should be brought and laid.  I wish they would be.  It is clear from the Chronicle piece that something did happen.  Despite the denials from Was and from Reading Labour, which have appeared as comments on this blog.  Because Dave Peasley, no stranger to tussles of various kinds I believe, was involved, and cannot be gainsaid, nor does he have party political loyalty to consider.  Makes you think really, why don't we all just start biffing our opponents?  It was Was who said, where is Basher when you need him?  But Basher kept the biffing domestic, for the most part, and confined it to women in the political sphere, hein?


Anonymous said...

Apart from Gareth Epps claim, not one person has seen this supposed attack. In fact quite the opposite. This coming from not just Labour but Conservatives too, who actually there at the time. You not being one of them or even there. So if something clearly did happen, why was Gareth Epps escorted out? And why was the police not called? The Reading Chronicle quoted Epps at no point did they say that is what happened. I wonder would you say all this if you were living in the UK and would be liable for prosecution?

Was said...

Your: "here is what the Reading Chronicle had to say about it (so it must be true)" contained just about the right amount of required sarcasm.

Bravo ;0)

Jane Griffiths said...

"Conservatives too, who actually there at the time". Verb alert. Better to include verbs, I find. Mostly. Prosecution? Don't make me laugh. If I do anything liable to attract a prosecution I am liable wherever in the EU I might be, and in many other countries too. I should have thought that if Gareth Epps was "escorted out" then something must have happened to cause that to be done, if indeed it was done. Why no denial from Wee Georgie, and none on his behalf from Tilehurst Pete? Oh and remarks about an assault are all over the cyberweb thingy, which tends not to care where those posting them live. Welcome to the 1990s, boys.

Anonymous said...

Who said Epps was "escorted out"? I saw him leave on his own, it might have even been after Georgie.

Anonymous said...

I was standing very close to the protagonists when this incident took place so had a good view.

Gareth Epps approached the Church count and began began shouting loutishly after the declaration. Some Labour people near the Church table robustly told him to go away.

Epps refused and stepped forward in a confrontational manner. Lots of fierce eyeballing but no violence took place, no threats were issued. Epps was escorted out by security within two minutes. No Labour activists were removed.

Well done Gareth, a heroic, statesman-like performance you really struck a blow for your cause (G Epps) and that of civilised politics. You must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

It's quite clear this needs to be investigated. If George headbutted him, then obviously Gareth deserves justice.

However, whilst I don't have all the facts, it does seem Gareth's assertions are false. What I do know for certain is Gareth was going around Labour figures making snide remarks - I saw how he walked past one Labour winner, made a rude remark, and carried on walking. Without doubt, he was looking for an argument somewhere.

From those who witnessed it, especially Tories nearby, George and Gareth got into a very heated argument, but that it was Gareth who was removed in view that he was the one escalating it. No-one who was a witness has corroborated the idea violence took place, let alone headbutting.

If Gareth was attacked, I'd be supporting him. But even Liberals came over to apologize for Gareth's behaviour. Investigation is needed, but my sense is a very bitter and angry Gareth wanted a confrontation, and - as reserved as I must be with such an accusation - lied that violence took place to try to make something out of his dispute with George.

Jane Griffiths said...

hmmm, all most interesting, I am deafened by the sound of axes being ground. I would like (a) an unbiased account from a witness (b) Dave Peasley's account (c) a statement from Wee Georgie *sound of tumbleweed*

Anonymous said...

Funny all these reports about Gareth Epps. He was talking to Jamie Chowdhary's team after the Peppard result, which was announced after Church. Seems to give the lie to being 'escorted out by security'.

And the only person to put his name to Liberals apologising for Gareth's behaviour is Pete Ruhemann. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone explained why Warren Swaine wanted Epps to be hit?

Was said...

You cheeky mare Anon 01:31 not what I meant at all!

I was referring to the opportunities a bun fight would have created for a certain website. "No incidents at count shocker" doesn't work at a comedic level.

Alas it appears that there were no buns hence my disappointment.

Even Richard Willis behaved himself :-D

Anonymous said...

Well, the Labour boys have been busy here and on the Chronicle site, haven't they?

Anything to connect their thuggish behaviour with the reappearance of Salter? Eh?

Anonymous said...

It now looks like the lying Labour liars have forced the Chronicle to shut its comments page. Maybe they were worried about lies being posted about people being 'escorted out'?

Anonymous said...

Damn I just found this, I wish there had been a head-butt at the count it would have made the entire evening a hell of a lot more interesting!

Not sure if Gareth was escorted out but didn't see him at the Tilehurst table when the announcement came that they'd (Libs) held the ward.

Not that I am a fan of many of the parties but I doubt this happened - surely if it had the press would have said something on the night to Daisy about it? In fact why did the press not capture this mystery head-butt on camera? weren't they all around the Church table when the Labour woman won?

Jane Griffiths said...

you're right Anon 0011, if it wasn't in The Papers then it can't possibly have happened. I am interested that it was alleged and that Reading Labour's response was to attacks the person (Epps) who made the allegation.

Anonymous said...

'...was to attacks the person..'? Where did you go to school?

Jane Griffiths said...

in Bedfordshire, after a short beginning in west London. Why do you ask?

Was said...

Just because one would like something to be true, it doesn't mean it is.

I was there. I have also spoken to Labour, Tories and Lib Dems who were closer to the "action" than I.

No-one saw this alleged assault. It was not reported to the police until the Tuesday AFTER the Chronicle had written their story.

People should be careful about filing false reports. The police take a very dim view of it.

Anonymous said...

Swaine should be careful what he writes, especially for a matter in the hands of the police, and given his reputation across all parties in Reading, you wonder which Labour, Tories and Lib Dems he spoke to. The ones in his head or on his blogs?

Was said...

Mmm. Let's see if we can work out who posted that threat shall we?

Well, it's someone who doesn't like me. Hardly narrows it down does it? Or does it? I get on surprisingly well with most members of all parties. You'd be surprised who's on my speed dial list and even more surprised if it was known who on the Labour side I spoke to ;0)

But let's say for the sake of argument it was a Labour member... why would they want to attack me for suggesting that it was all fuss and nonsense?

Why would it be a Tory when an actual disturbance at the Church ward count would be a welcome stick with which to beat Labour with. They have been notable in their silence on this matter and have told me they saw nothing.

On the other hand given this poster'[s attack on bloggers it soumds suspiciously like the person who went around the count slagging off Lib Dems and others who live in "Twitter-land".

I don't think "Swaine" has to be careful at all. I've not lied about anything simply reported facts and personal observations.

I'd be grateful if the anonymous bully would reveal himself but I guess the coward wouldn't dare. It's not his way.

I think I might pop into the police station and give them some information which may help them with their enquiries :-D

Anonymous said...

Epps was on bad behaviour most of the night, making snide comments about various Labour activists in full ear of them.

No-one saw the headbutt, probably because it didn't happen.

Epps however did come over to people bragging that he'd pissed off Labour activists at the Church Ward count for their dog whistle leaflet.

I take most of the story with a large pinch of salt.

Anonymous said...

Considering Epps was head-butted, he does look very good for it. Not a mark on after the count

Almost as if it all happened in his deranged head. glug glug...

What's the sentence these days for wasting police time?

Anonymous said...

Was any information that is true should be reported. I think it's silly that something that clearly did not happen is now wasting police time. I do not know Mr Epps but most victims would go to the police straight away rather than the press. That alone speaks volumes.

Was said...

For the record:

Thames Valley Police has received a report of an assault at the Rivermead leisure centre, which happened at around 1.30am on 4 May.

A 40-year-old man has reported that a man pushed his shoulder and acted as if he was going to head-but him. The victim did not suffer any injuries in the incident.

The incident was reported to police on 8 May and is being investigated.