Friday, 11 May 2012

Bring Up The Bodies

I completely loved Wolf Hall, after a slow start, and now I have been pulled in from the start of its sequel by Hilary Mantel, as the falcons fly in the late-summer sky, named after dead women and with flesh between their claws.  The king, a redhead, is sunburned, having lost his hat.  What is not to like?  And the story of the downfall of Anne Boleyn is one we all know.  Nonetheless, she is still pictured to this day in the lobby of the House of Lords.  Why is that, when others who have suffered political or dynastic defeat are forgotten?  Henry VIII died a believing Catholic.  We know this too.  I have not got far into the book, and will write more when I have read it.  But I say now, read this book.


Anonymous said...

I have ordered it and collect it today. With some reservations.
I adore Henry 8th and Anne Boleyn is up there for me along with Marilyn Monroe.

Bit I did nto enjoy Wolf Hall. I found it tugid.

And I love Hilary Mantel. Her best book is 'A Place of Greater Safety'. But I will read it anyway - and the next one too out of loyalty.

Anonymous said...

I have, in fact, just collected it from the bookshop. So we will see.

I preferred the AS Byatt 'The Childrens' Book from the Mantel winning Booker list.