Thursday, 10 May 2012

RIP Vidal Sassoon

cutting Mary Quant's hair
he was a real revolutionary.  I always dreamed of getting my hair cut by him, one girl from my school, Louise Taylor, did and boasted about it for the next two years.  He got the nation to say goodbye to the crimped shampoos-and-sets of the previous decade.  My own hair is naturally very curly, with a tendency to frizz, true Celt, so you can imagine a haircut like this was hard to come by, but I did manage something like it for a while when I was twelve.  I'll find a photograph and scan it in so you can see.  Sassoon was a great anti-fascist who spent his early years in an orphanage.  No north London Guardianista he.  Thank you Vidal Sassoon for changing the way we looked at ourselves.  We the baby boomers salute you.

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Sandra Martin said...

I remember when his hair care products first hit the stores. I loved the almond scent and they were great products that didn't cost a fortune.