Thursday, 15 March 2012

your predictable caption here

well, these pictures already have them.  I pinched them from Facebook somewhere.  But look at the body language, and compare and contrast.  Bush and Blair are doing the photograph stance, i.e. standing closer together than they would probably be comfortable doing in real life, but they are looking into each other's faces and clasping each other's hands with apparently genuine warmth.  Also notice there is no dominant partner, despite the nonsense on the stupid left.  Blair is a little taller than Bush, which helps of course.  Now the second picture.  Cameron and Obama are not actually looking at each other, and Cameron does not appear to be smiling.  Obama's smile is a little distracted and the two men are a "normal" distance apart, which in a photograph is a long way.  But the key point is Obama's hand on Cameron's arm.  Politicians should never do this, unless they actually want to give the impression they are trying to sweep the person aside so they can go on their way to more important things.

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Anonymous said...

Precisely the impression he was intending to create.

Quite right too.