Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Haze, where's yer mates?

His Master's Voice has published a piece about a visit to Reading by former Cabinet minister and Labour MP Hazel Blears.  It shows Ms Blears with a former victim of stalking and harassment, who is from Reading, and campaigners for a change in the law to protect women, and others, from such treatment.  The government is minded to run a trial of a protection scheme, but not, yet, in Reading.  Hazel went to Reading to support bringing the scheme to the town.  There she is, with the campaigners - and no politicians.  Haze, did you ask the Labour council if they supported you?  Did they say no?  You'd think, with local elections coming up, there would be candidates who would like to lend their names to such a worthy cause.  Were they asked?  Or was it Reading Labour Party which, in its time-honoured fashion, refused to have anything to do with Ms Blears?  I think it was.  Here is His Master's Voice's delightful Hilary Scott on the subject of Hazel:
the odious Hazel Blears (I’ve always thought she was loathsome – that ghastly auburn hair, the fixed sickly smile, the sausage-legged motorbike leathers)
Lovely, hein?

btw dead iPad and travelling a lot recently has meant no posts.  This situation will not continue.

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Shanks's Pony said...

Not to add insult to injury, I was in the House when Keith Hill callled her 'Blears the Bike' from his stance at the Dispatch Box.............