Thursday, 15 March 2012

racist? you decide

His Master's Voice has this on the tribunal at which the applicant is Sudhana Singh, the former head teacher of Moorlands School inTilehurst, Reading.  Racism, she says.  No racists in Tilehurst though, hein?


Anonymous said...

Surely Mrs Singh should be judged on her ability as a school principal not on her ethnic origins.

Sadly I've known people railroaded on account of their race and I've known incompetent people play the race card to avoid censure/discipline/dismissal.
Should Mrs Singh be a victim of the former every assistance should be rendered to address the injustice, if she falls into the latter category then Reading must have the moral courage to uphold the dismissal for the good of their children.

A lie not challenged becomes the truth.

Anonymous said...

That item in the local press was very one sided and there is a lot more to this case which has had a significant negative impact on the school and the RBC staff involved.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 'Anonymous', various newspapers ran the same story all one-sided.

All of which are having a huge impact on the moral of the local community.

"A lie not challenged becomes the truth" - this may hold true but it can also be said that those who have a weaker hand will bluff to win the pot.

There was also hearsay that she was suing Slough council. Would be interesting to have this confirmed.