Friday, 4 February 2011

Friendly printers

M'learned friends have been hearing about this
says Guido. Of course around 10K of that particular friendly printer's dosh is Reading council taxpayers' money

Eh Mr Howarth?

Have a nice evening.


Anonymous said...

What about Eh Mr Bloody Salter?!!!

As I recall, it was Martin Saletr who touted this nefarious firm around in the House Of Commons and encouraged organisations like the Parliamentary Labour Party Office, based in the Commons, to use its services. Didn't it? Or have I imagined it?

Have I also imagined the fact that it offered cut price deals on producing newsletters and election addresses for Labour MPs - and introductory leaflets? And have I imagiend teh fcat thta it actually operated from the House fo Commons? I think we should be told immediately.

Anonymous said...

Bored of is crap English - and yes, they do all use it. They also write thankyou, alright and alot.


Jane Griffiths said...

Not imagined - Clive Soley MP booked rooms in the Commons for this firm to flog its wares, touted by Salter, who got backhanders for it in the form of free election leaflets

Anonymous said...

Ok then.
Why is Guido Fawkes - who has featured this item, then not investigating this far more interesting story?

If I am correct, at that time, Clive Soley was Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, was he not?

And who was the General Secretary of the Labour Party at that time?Did they sanction this?
They must certainly have sanctioned the 'rolling out' of the 'services' of this 'friendly firm to the Labour Patry's Regional operations?
And has Martin Salter been questioned about what, or what he did or did not declare in relation to said backhanders?
If not, why not?

Does law and order stop at tokenism - Jim Devine, for example, or in another instance, Clive Goodman?
Or are we, as usual, going to see legitimate causes for concern aired in this blog and happily ignored by the Fawkes person and others - too much trouble, Guy? Or are you a chum of Martin? You did not mention him in your entry on Public Impact, did you? If not, why not - and now you know, what are you planning to do about it?
Hey - the 'fearless one'?!!

Anonymous said...

Guido, Guido, Guido!!!!

FRIT!!! FRIT!!! FRIT!!!!

Was said...

According to election law, a firm offering a discount to a political party must also offer that price to other customers for similar orders unless it is declared as a donation. Free leaflets have to be declared at the full commercial price as a donation. I wonder if I should ask Public Impact for a quote for the next Lib Dem leaflet?

It also seems unlikely that R&DLP only once managed to spend more than £25,000 in a year and that was in 2005. They haven't got any other accounts filed with the Electoral Commission.