Sunday, 2 December 2012

Victoria's secret

Victoria, pic accompanied a business website interview
Victoria Groulef has been selected as Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for Reading West, which is, as the estimable Mark Bennett puts it, a seat which should not have been lost by Labour in the first place.  But that was then, and we move on.  Should be a pretty good election for Labour next time, but 2015 is some way off.  It appears to me that this was the right decision.  So, boys, don't try and bully this one, OK?  That kind of carry-on loses elections, as I hope you have finally understood.  Best wishes, Victoria, do it your way.


Anonymous said...

I've been a witness too many times to some poor selection choices, but today I can honestly say both constituencies chose the best candidates. Victoria came across as a normal person, but demonstrated an excellent grasp of national and Reading issues and I really like her take on them. As for Reading East, the selection I was at, Matt Rodda was by far and away the better candidate on show. He spoke very well, and looked the part, and had a very good political vision for Reading and beyond. Don't say it often, but Reading Labour got this whole selection process 100% right!

Jane Griffiths said...

you reckon Rodda can take Labour from third to second in Reading East? The national swing will do that no matter who the candidate is