Wednesday, 5 December 2012

OK, as you were

Allegations have been made, unsubstantiated and untrue, about the provenance of recent posts on this blog.  Access is now unlimited again, as before, and I shall continue to post whatever I like here.  I do not post about my workplace, never have, and have no intention of ever doing so.  I may however muse on any topic of my choice, and my polite suggestion to anyone who does not like it is, as always - go away and read something else.


Anonymous said...

No, you don't post about it. I have no idea what you do 24/7.

(Apart from nto being the MP for Reading East)

Cllr Todd Foreman said...

Several weeks ago I tried to post a comment on your blog defending James Walsh, who was my organiser when I was London Assembly candidate for West Central. You made a nasty and unfair attack on him on your site. The website said that "moderator approval" was needed when I submitted my comment, and then my comment never was published. Did you get the comment because it never appeared on your blog? If there was a technical problem then I can accept that explanation.

For the record, James Walsh does not go in for "homophobic" campaigns, on the contrary, he organised campaign events at LGBT venues in Soho when I stood in West Central. He is a hard working, committed Labour activist and he has my full backing.

Jane Griffiths said...

Yes, I was briefed that James Walsh ran "nasty and homophobic" campaigns. At the time he was looking to be selected in Reading. Did not happen. I blocked your comment. These are the facts. Thanks for commenting.