Sunday, 16 December 2012

the final frontier...

real space suit
was at a very good little party last night, thank you Sue, at which a number of scientists from the International Space University, which as any fule kno  is right here in Strasbourg, were present.  A real space suit, which has actually been in actual space, was brought out and shown to us.  We were allowed to touch it!  Suddenly I was 15 again and being yelled at by my parents for staying up to watch the moon landings. How I wanted to take my protein pills and put that helmet on.

pic: University


Jonny said...

And it's Peggy Whitson's suit, too. very cool.

Anonymous said...

Don't abandon hope, J! Life is full of amazing treats - you may yet take one step for man and another for mankind or whatever it was that he said!!!