Tuesday, 16 October 2012

red chairs in Sarajevo

Picture: BBC
It was twenty years ago today, as the song goes.  Well, it was 20 years ago that the war started in Bosnia as part of the break-up of Yugoslavia.  11,541 people are known to have been killed.  The longest siege in history, a war and atrocities in Europe.  This was never supposed to happen, but it did.  Bosnia has its problems, and is not yet a united country, but Sarajevo these days is a peaceful and dignified city.  Today the people of Sarajevo are remembering their dead, as Radovan Karadzic goes on trial in The Hague.  Red chairs have been placed in the street in the centre of Sarajevo, one for each person killed, and people have been putting flowers on the chairs.  The anti-interventionists who comment here - was all this really nothing to do with "us"?

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