Monday, 1 October 2012

kickass list

quite a lot of my readers are boys, and boys love lists, as any fule kno.  I have an iPhone (did I mention that?) and I made a playlist for it which I have called "kickass" because it gets me up and going on my way to work in the mornings, and because the tracks are all, in their different ways, about having and using power.  Here are the tracks, in alphabetical order:

'Alejandro'                                                                                     Lady Gaga
'Amazing'                                                                                       Kanye West
'Angela'                                                                                         Yannick Noah
'Bagpipes From Baghdad'                                                              Eminem
'Barbra Streisand'                                                                          Duck Sauce
'Bombe Humaine'                                                                          Soprano
'Bonkers'                                                                                      Dizzee Rascal
'Changing of the Guards'                                                                Patti Smith
'Cherie Coco'                                                                               Magic System and Soprano
'Deborah'                                                                                     T. Rex
'Dima'                                                                                          Zaho
'Du Style'                                                                                     Jena Lee
'Equivoque'                                                                                  Tunisiano
'Fire'                                                                                           (The Crazy World of)
                                                                                                  Arthur Brown
'Get It On'                                                                                  T. Rex
'Heavy Cross'                                                                             Gossip
'Inch'Allah'                                                                                  Grand Corps Malade/
                                                                                                  Reda Talliani
'Je Realise'                                                                                  Sinik and James Blunt
'Stan'                                                                                          Eminem
'Step Back'                                                                                 Shy'm and Odessa Thornhill
'Te Quiero'                                                                                 Stromae
'Toi + Moi'                                                                                 Gregoire
'Turning Japanese'                                                                       The Vapours
'Virginia Plain'                                                                             Roxy Music
'Welfare Mothers'                                                                       Neil Young
'What A Waste'                                                                          Ian Dury
'White Rabbit'                                                                            Jefferson Airplane
'You Really Got Me'                                                                  The Kinks
'3'                                                                                              Britney Spears

The choices I made surprised me a bit.  I went with how the tracks made me feel - in all cases energised and powerful.  No Bob Dylan, other than in a Patti Smith version.  Not one but two T. Rex.  Britney.  The Stromae 'Te Quiero' is actually about an unhappy relationship, but it's in there.  I may add to this list, though it's too long to listen to all of it on the way to work.  'First We Take Manhattan' by the great Lenny springs to mind.  Readers less familiar with the oeuvre that is French popular music, may I suggest you Spotify some of these, you might like them.  The Ian Dury would have been there anyway, but that track should be immortal for the lines

"I could be a writer with a growing reputation,
I could be the ticket man at Fulham railway station"

What tracks would you put on a playlist to make you go "Fuck yeah! World I'm a gunna kick yo' ass today!" - or similar?

You may guest post your list if you wish - just let me know.


Anonymous said...

ANyhtign from Adele's 21 album.

Queen Another one Bites the Dust

AMy WInegosue Back to Black - oddly

Kim Wilde - Bette Davies Eyes

Dire Straights - Walk On Life -- which is for me the best of The Laboru Patry of those dear dead says fo yester yore. When I had FUN IN iT!!

Jane Griffiths said...

yes, I am with you on Back to Black, a song that should be sad, and sort of is, but empowers

Anonymous said...

EVE, Satisfaction