Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Anthony Trollope, 'Barchester Towers'

I have read 'The Warden', the first in the Barsetshire series, and thought it was OK, a good taster. This however is hilarious. Here is my Goodreads review:

Splendid stuff. Hilariously funny at times, superbly plotted, highly political. Sexy too, a bit to my surprise. No way of understanding the Church of England without reading this - even though it was written well over a century ago. I loved it. His editorialising took some getting used to to begin with - he indicates from time to time that such and such a character is expepcting this or that to happen but is bound for disappointment - but I grew to expect and enjoy it.  This is one to come back to. But not least, I shall be reading on. There should be a Facebook quiz "Which 'Barchester Towers' character are you?" I want to be Madeleine Neroni or Bertie Stanhope.

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