Wednesday, 4 December 2013

lies and the lying liars

you'd think, wouldn't you, that it would no longer be necessary for Reading Labour to try and pretend that they wanted Crossrail for Reading. But no. Here is a lying lie from the lying liar Bet Tickner. She says there was a campaign "spearheaded by Martin Salter MP" to have Crossrail extended from Maidenhead to Reading. Now back in 2005 when the Crossrail Bill came to Parliament, there was an amendment on this specific point. I had left the House by then, but watched the debate with interest. Martin Salter abstained. That's how much "spearheading" he was doing. Reading Borough Council did no more than tick the boxes on Crossrail. When consulted, which they were at regular intervals, they failed to lobby or indicate any wish to have Crossrail to Reading. Crossrail senior figures told me that themselves, but even if they had not done so the relevant paperwork was leaked to me from within the Civic Offices, and I have it still. Then leader of the council David Sutton and then lead councillor for transport John Howarth both refused to join me in meeting Crossrail, in 2004, to lobby for Reading as the western terminus. In Howarth's case in very rude language. So, Tory Tickner, as you continue to be known, you are not being very wise in having published a series of straight lies about Crossrail. There are those out here who know the truth, and those who do not forget.


Anonymous said...

I remember well how cheesed off you were over the lack of Reading Labour leadership support re Crossrail in 2004.

By their deeds shall ye know them - the WEASELS.

Jonathan said...

The track has been extended to Reading as part of an entirely separate project. The new platforms have now been built and are in use, and the electric poles have been put up waiting to have cables attached to them.

Extending Crossrail to Reading is now actually a cost saving proposal because doing so would mean they don't have to build a new terminus at Maidenhead. As far as I'm aware they haven't started any Crossrail related work there yet, except for putting up the electric poles.

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated why some politicians, and indeed others, such as some managers at work, celebrities, ministers of religion, spouses etc., habitually lie.
Some of them suffer from delusion – they do not know the difference between reality and their imagination.
Others are in denial – they have convinced themselves that they and others spoke and acted differently in order not to face criticism.
Others are in submission – they feel the need to revise their thoughts to follow the latest party line, as with the editing of Russian and Korean encyclopaedias and photographs.
Others are professionally trained – many politicians start off by training and working as lawyers, lobbyists and in public relations.
Others are corrupt – they will do anything to line their own pockets and those of their friends.
Others give false promises – they say they will do something when it is unlikely that they will be able to do so.
It is often said that one lie leads to another, and then to another.
In recent days one politician I admired has been imprisoned for expenses fraud, and another one announced he was suffering badly from depression.

Anonymous said...

I missed out some more:
Others feel the need to please – to say what they think people want to hear.
Some lie for noble reasons – to save people’s lives (theirs and others) when faced by murderers and despots.