Friday, 18 October 2013

Norman Geras

Very sad, and bereft (or bereaved) that Norman Geras has died, from prostate cancer at the age of only 70. He and I met through the Euston Manifesto in 2007, and it was to his blog and other writings that I looked for sanity, wisdom and rationality, and I found them there. I'll post again about him when I am a little less tearful. Just a thought though - now that most of us have contacts we follow on Twitter and are friends with on Facebook, but never or rarely meet in person, perhaps we are going to have more people to mourn.


Anonymous said...

Never met him - but I look forward to hearing more.

I knwo that everyone tweets and facebooks - but not me.

Jane Griffiths said...

anyone who wants to can read his blog here it's going to stay aup for some time yet, say his family.