Tuesday, 24 September 2013

peaceful protest

Here is publisher and blogger (and Tory) Iain Dale's post on the incident outside Labour Party Conference that led him to roll around on the ground in apparent fisticuffs with a protester. Let's face it, we've all done that at some point, haven't we? I thought it fair that Iain, a person I like, should get a chance to tell his version of events here - he chose not to publish the video of the incident, but I just felt I had to, everyone was having so much fun. Party conferences are plagued by these annoying and often bonkers individuals. Video The Independent.


The Wicked Woofer said...

And the joy now is that the said video will remain on the internet in perpetuity and all attempts to 'get it off' ( ?!!!!!! Ed) will be in vain. It is easeir to get it on than get it off ( SHUT UP - Ed).

Well, hey, Iain, me old mucker - there are worse things to be imortalised for that fighting with a dog about a man - or was that a man about a dog. Or was that Damiam McBride?! ( same difference! Ed).

Diamond Dog said...

The pensioner has chosen not to press charges for assault - showing that he is a decent person. Otherwise, with the wealth of visual material now at the click of a switch, Mr D might have been facing an ordeal in the cells, stripped to his smalls if he got frightened or ansty - and facing at the very least, a Common Assault charge. It all goes to show, doesn't it, that the rain falls upon the just and the unjust alike, but the just have usually comandeered all the umbrellas. In other words, nice if you are a reputed publisher and blogster; darling of the media and Politicos owner. NOT such fun if you are'nt any of those things - and happen to come across someone with a grudge who has an 'agenda' unlike this dog adn pensioner - who were clearly doing what they always do at Conferences. So - the devil has all the bets tunes, hey, Iain - and usually owns the organ. Had the pensioner been in possession of a dicky ticker, however, things might have turned out differently for our blogster swain.